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1 bunch of kale 1/2 box of pasta 1 head of garlic 1/2 lemon (or enough for a few squeezes) crushed red pepper salt and pepper 1. Take a pyrex baking dish (smaller the better) and put a 3 inch wide dollop of olive oil in it. Chop off the tip of your garlic head […]

Thanks for your feedback. I will be out of the office from Tuesday, April 28 until Monday, May 4. If you need some blog stimulation in the meantime, please read what Lia, a gluten-free foodyi, has to eat in her grocery bag. I will respond to your interest when I return. Regards, Foodyi

A question I always ask myself when I see a dish is, “how did the chef think to use that particular ingredient, and not something else?” Why use vinegar, not lemon juice? Does using tarragon instead of thyme really make a difference? The fact of the matter is, many ingredients can be interchangeable and it […]

Apparently there is this new trend of Youtube videos where high school-esque girls will post videos titled “What’s in My Purse.” These are really awkward to watch. Most of the time, their “purses” are carrying Texas Instrument calculators and gym clothes, which if I remember correctly, go into a BACKPACK. And I feel as though […]