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The slow death of Foodyi is killing me too. Suddenly I’ve lost that perspective that allows me to write whatever I feel (grammatical errors and all), whatever I want to say out loud without seeming consequences. But now that it has some bearing on my “professional” (and it has.. Brad if you’re reading this…hi) life, […]

So that whole waking up and your muscles are completely sore and feeling like blood has circulated in a full rotation throughout your body for the first time feeling? Ya, that still happens every morning. Except, now my hands looks like I’ve been dipping them in a bag of knives every day and my knees […]

Status Update


I’ve cooked for over a decade, yet the manner in which I’ve been cooking for the past few months has put a whole new perspective on what it means to cook. I couldn’t have said it any better than Harold McGee when he said, “the great virtue of the cook’s time-tested, thought-less recipes is that […]

Did you know?


…egg comes from an Indo-European root meaning “bird” …the white cords around the yolk you see when you crack an egg are called the chalazas. They help anchor the yolk to the rest of shell and help it stay suspended in the middle of the egg. …there are 3 different grades of eggs according to […]

I’m staring at a mirror leaning against  the wall behind my desk, with a post-it from my roommate that says, “You’re a nerd (really).” I’ve kept the note in plain sight so I can see it every morning when I get up to use my computer. I like it keep it there because it’s a […]

 Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ll be back soon.

I’ve abandoned my blog for awhile now, I know. And I’m blaming it on my lack of camera for the past month or so. I absentmindedly left it in LA, and I’ve been draining its remaining power ever since.  I finally got a clunky replacement from, so I’m back! But alas, with no pictures […]