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Fig Jam


  Here’s an idea. Buy a container of dried figs. Slice them up and boil them in water until soft and sticky. Add some sugar, salt, and lemon zest to taste. Pulse it all in a food processor. You just made fig jam! Goes especially great with my morning sourdough toast with whipped cottage cheese. Fig […]

I’m definitely a salty person (in life and kitchen). I’m not that girl that raves about cupcakes and chocolate. I rave about potato chips and salty tears. 

As I write this, it’s 3:58 AM and I’m sitting in Newark Airport waiting to check in for my 6 AM flight to LA. I took the share shuttle here. This might be the untapped resource for meeting single people. Unless you take the 2:30 AM van. Because you know that anyone who chooses to […]

                     DO                                           DON’T

Just joined Twitter. Sentences can’t exceed six words. Can’t speak. Must be shor-

My First Seder


I was invited to my first Passover Seder dinner this past Saturday. If being Jewish means eating lots of food, drinking glass after glass of wine, and getting to eat chocolate covered matzah, then I’m converting very soon.


When I use to work in the W kitchen, Danny (the other pantry cook) and I would secretly toss cocoa dusted truffles on to the back of one of the runners’ shirt. He would have little circles of cocoa powder all over his back until one of us deemed it necessary to tell him. Other […]

Just eat it. Eat the whole damn thing. It’s the holiday season and you might as well. There’s no getting away from the endless cornucopia of morning pastries in your office kitchen or the care package of holiday cookies from grandma. And with January resolutions around the corner, you have some time to indulge. And […]