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Father, I have a confession to make. Today I killed 10 lobsters. 10 lobsters that were barely alive, scrambling to get out of the wet cardboard box They were trapped in for the past few hours. They were helplessly shuffling across each others backs with their claws closed shut with rubber bands.  I couldn’t do […]

Instead of genetically modifying food to make them less perishable or bigger in size, how about being considerate of us single people who have to endure eating the same meal for every day of the week? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy a broccoli crown that sprouted 4-5 different kinds of vegetables? […]

Ok…let’s see. Leftover mashed yams, half a jar of mayonnaise, something green in the corner that’s not lettuce, some soy sauce, eggs…Heineken. Heineken? Ok, fine. Frozen peas, frozen scallops that I salvaged from Rebecca’s spring cleaning, annnnd ice. As enticing as it sounds to drink beer for dinner, I have to have something in the pantry […]

Clam Bake


Not really…but a rather large collection of empty clam shells I saw while walking alongside Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

I learned a new dish this weekend. Actually I already knew it existed, just didn’t know you had to know the name in French to officially know what it is. Leave it up to two veritably charming assholes in matching periwinkle Keds to introduce me to a new kind of Sunday Funday.

After roughly 72 hours of preparation, my stomach and I were FINALLY ready for my first official supper club get together in New York. We chose Spanish tapas as our theme, as we saw it as the fairest way to divide both the effort and dollar signs that go into a home-made dish.

Hola. The last thing I wanted to do in Barcelona was see more statues, monuments, and anything requiring an admission ticket. I was burned out and ready to relax and just enjoy a foreign city. Not only is Barcelona right on the beach, but the most applauded aspect of the city, its architecture, is free! […]