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I wish I could say these Korean Deviled Eggs were a subconscious effort to marry my two identities: an epicurean metaphor to unionize my Korean cultural identity and Westernized shell. But in all honesty, the thought didn’t even cross my mind until I wrote this post. And truth be told, I just had some left over kimchi stinking […]

I didn’t plan to do any cooking while on my 2 1/2 week vacation in LA. My plan was to consume as much Mexican food as I could before I returned to New York. But then, when the fellow (G)nards suggested we get together for a holiday dinner, I couldn’t refuse! And when the theme, […]

As I write this, it’s 3:58 AM and I’m sitting in Newark Airport waiting to check in for my 6 AM flight to LA. I took the share shuttle here. This might be the untapped resource for meeting single people. Unless you take the 2:30 AM van. Because you know that anyone who chooses to […]

Sometimes my internet doesn’t work. And it’s especially annoying when I take the time to brew a cup of tea and place it next to the oatmeal cookie I purchased from the awful bakery downstairs and the literary stars align enough for me to be motivated to write something. As I stare blankely at the off-white bars on […]

After the chaos that insued in my kitchen the last supper club gathering, I decided to take, what I thought to be, a simpler route. I perused my blog roll for recipes and finally settled on one found on a fellow blogger’s site, Orangette. It’s actually Mario Batalli’s recipe, and comes from The Babbo Cookbook. I’ve yet […]

I was introduced to this genius idea by SCOTT MINERICH (single) called the Soup Swap. And I wish I thought of it sooner. But now that it’s fall in NYC, it’s the perfect time to start one. If you’ve ever made homemade soup, you’ve gone through the pains of filling every bucket and bowl in […]

After roughly 72 hours of preparation, my stomach and I were FINALLY ready for my first official supper club get together in New York. We chose Spanish tapas as our theme, as we saw it as the fairest way to divide both the effort and dollar signs that go into a home-made dish.

I was tired from the night before. And it was 2 hours before show time. I spent all my money the night before. But I made a promise I had to keep. I needed a quick fix. And I needed it now!

Pizza My Heart


My days in my first NY apartment are dwindling and so are the opportunities to have dinner parties. Since my new apartment has a maximum capacity of 5 before it turns into a fire hazard, I’m trying to make the most of the space here in my Brooklyn apartment. And since my lovely Ericabeth (I […]

My First Seder


I was invited to my first Passover Seder dinner this past Saturday. If being Jewish means eating lots of food, drinking glass after glass of wine, and getting to eat chocolate covered matzah, then I’m converting very soon.