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I wish I could say these Korean Deviled Eggs were a subconscious effort to marry my two identities: an epicurean metaphor to unionize my Korean cultural identity and Westernized shell. But in all honesty, the thought didn’t even cross my mind until I wrote this post. And truth be told, I just had some left over kimchi stinking […]

Fig Jam


  Here’s an idea. Buy a container of dried figs. Slice them up and boil them in water until soft and sticky. Add some sugar, salt, and lemon zest to taste. Pulse it all in a food processor. You just made fig jam! Goes especially great with my morning sourdough toast with whipped cottage cheese. Fig […]

I was tired from the night before. And it was 2 hours before show time. I spent all my money the night before. But I made a promise I had to keep. I needed a quick fix. And I needed it now!

What do you get with a $5 dollar bill at an Ethnic Market? A LOT. If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness that is Ethnic grocery stores, then you’ve been wasting your pretty little pennies. You’ll find that a lot of things that are really expensive at your local supermarket are often cheaper at ethnic markets. […]

Thanks to Michael Scott, everyone knows that Diwali is not the Indian version of Halloween. The brightly colored attire is donned and sweet goods are handed out not for neighborhood princesses and goblins but for King Rama of Ayodhya and Lord Mahavira of 527 B.C.