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Instead of genetically modifying food to make them less perishable or bigger in size, how about being considerate of us single people who have to endure eating the same meal for every day of the week? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy a broccoli crown that sprouted 4-5 different kinds of vegetables? […]

A question I always ask myself when I see a dish is, “how did the chef think to use that particular ingredient, and not something else?” Why use vinegar, not lemon juice? Does using tarragon instead of thyme really make a difference? The fact of the matter is, many ingredients can be interchangeable and it […]

Apparently there is this new trend of Youtube videos where high school-esque girls will post videos titled “What’s in My Purse.” These are really awkward to watch. Most of the time, their “purses” are carrying Texas Instrument calculators and gym clothes, which if I remember correctly, go into a BACKPACK. And I feel as though […]

I wish I could say these Korean Deviled Eggs were a subconscious effort to marry my two identities: an epicurean metaphor to unionize my Korean cultural identity and Westernized shell. But in all honesty, the thought didn’t even cross my mind until I wrote this post. And truth be told, I just had some left over kimchi stinking […]

Up until now, my biggest drive for cooking has been to learn new techniques and discover flavor affinities, rather than the quality of my ingredients. There’s a moment of pure satisfaction when you can orchestrate a recipe to build a dish with layers of complexity and depth. I think that’s probably why I tend to […]

I finally had some time this weekend to go through the pile of magazines sitting in my kitchen and I found this article in the July issue of TIME magazine. This was also the same article that inspired my recent Gourmet Recession piece. Tom Colicchio can presumably feed 5 people for $10. That’s $2 per […]

The home sick front is steadily approaching. Temperature is prone to drop at times. Moods are starting to turn colors. The recession is also rapidly approaching.  My gourmet recession/home sick cure. Mama Yi’s Kimchi Fried Rice & Egg Plenty of leftover kimchi, white rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, plenty of butter. Stir. Fry.  Fry egg sunny […]