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  While New York seems to be able to reproduce the flavors of cuisines from across the globe with great ease, the one cuisine they have yet to master is Mexican food, or if we’re being PC here, Cali-Mexican food.  Having grown up in Southern California, I can confidently say I’ve had my fair share […]

While most people get paid to blog, I had to pay $4 for the 120 minutes it took to blog this post.   Unnecessarily tight tube socks that leave itchy red indentations around your ankle,  emergency underwear large enough for  your future geriatric bottom,  and anything that can be easily packaged into a foh fo one dolla […]

The best part about being in a supper club is the opportunity to learn about different cuisines. Our second supper club was themed Italian, so Scotty and I, the committed fatties we are, took a trip to Arthur Ave. and ate the Bronx.