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Sunday Supper


This is a post of five cooks with five POVs, picked to be on the menu for one day only. To work together and be scrutinized by all…find out what happens when imaginations run wild and flavor combinations run unrestrained… Sunday Supper. 1. Pickled beet and Persian feta salad with duck confit and crostini 2. […]

If you want to read a good article on what it means to actually be a chef in a retaurant kitchen, read Gabrielle Hamilton’s, owner and chef of Prune Restaurant, article from Food and Wine.   “Sometimes when I look through the food magazines, watch the cooking shows and read the current crop of books […]

Musings on working in the back of house seem to be less rampant on the web. Probably because most of the shit-talking has to do with your actual co-workers than with the irreverent idiots that come into your restaurant. That, and I don’t think people find it funny when you serve a dish that you […]

I really hate writing bad reviews. So this won’t be all that bad. I’ll skirt around the idea of the food having been overly salty and get straight to the point.

  While New York seems to be able to reproduce the flavors of cuisines from across the globe with great ease, the one cuisine they have yet to master is Mexican food, or if we’re being PC here, Cali-Mexican food.  Having grown up in Southern California, I can confidently say I’ve had my fair share […]

Up until now, my biggest drive for cooking has been to learn new techniques and discover flavor affinities, rather than the quality of my ingredients. There’s a moment of pure satisfaction when you can orchestrate a recipe to build a dish with layers of complexity and depth. I think that’s probably why I tend to […]

I’m definitely a salty person (in life and kitchen). I’m not that girl that raves about cupcakes and chocolate. I rave about potato chips and salty tears.