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Whether you live on the east or west coast, every foodyi has heard about the Kogi Truck, the Korean–Mexican taco truck roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Even non-foodyis have come across the Kogi (pronounced with a hard g) Truck in blogs and articles that herald it for being one of the few businesses that […]

A Welcome Home


It’s really nice to come back home for the holidays to a large industrial-size espresso machine in your mother’s garage.

I spent my weekend in Los Angeles and last Saturday was a hot summer day. And we were looking for something to cool us down. Swimming worked for a little while. We even tried water guns. But it just wasn’t enough. 

For a long time I argued you could get just as good food in LA as you could in New York. The only difference was how fast and how close it was to you. But other than that, the quality was still there. But I’m realizing after having been in New York for two months […]

Pizza My Heart


My days in my first NY apartment are dwindling and so are the opportunities to have dinner parties. Since my new apartment has a maximum capacity of 5 before it turns into a fire hazard, I’m trying to make the most of the space here in my Brooklyn apartment. And since my lovely Ericabeth (I […]

After my sub-par experience at Grace, I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a nice salad? A yummy truffle to end the meal? But to my surprise, Table 8 delivered much, much more.



Last week, I went to the first of 3 restaurants I will be attending for DineLA Restaurant Week. A contemporary American dining room focused on simple yet refined food, Grace met my expectations (and tummy) with satisfying fulfillment.