Putting the Yi in food. Literally.
For more on where I came from..you can read here.

25 Things

1. Out of 251 emails in my inbox, 101 are tagged with the word “food”
2. I cut my hair short the day of my senior prom in high school.
3. I specifically remember this because it was the day after my best friend  burned 3/4 of my luscious Asian hair off with a bottle of bleach.
4. My biggest fashion mistake was also during senior prom when I matched the hot pink tuille under my little black dress with hot pink hair under my short black bob.
5. I have mixed feelings about senior year in high school.
6. In 7th grade, it took me about 3 weeks to reply to a boy who asked me out.
7. I believe this was the genesis of my fear of relationships.
8. I have a mole directly under my nose and directly between my two nostrils.
9. Some have argued its coordinates, along with the number pi and Dan Brown, are the answers to the world’s biggest mystery.
10. My last few wikipedia searches were: Noah Baumbach, electronic commerce, breadwinner, and world’s biggest mystery.
11. My latest indulgence has been to the movie theater by myself and enjoy a movie with a bag of small popcorn and diet coke.
12. I’ve always harbored a secret desire to be famous for something.
13. I volunteer at a kitchen; we don’t serve soup.
14. I own black crocs.
15. I take back what I said in #4.
16. The Hills franchise makes me anxious, self-conscious, angry, flustered, all of the above.
17. I’ve managed to hit both a motorcyclist and a cyclist with my car
18. One life goal is to write the winning caption for The New Yorker cartoon caption contest.
19. I can fit my body in a suitcase. zipped.
20. My mom and I don’t really speak the same language. literally.
21. My favorite fro yo is Mcdonald’s vanilla fro yo in a cone.
22.My breakfast these days include a piece of toasted sourdough, slightly burned, spread with homemade fig jam and soft scrambled eggs or cottage cheese with a cup of muddy coffee with brown sugar and vanilla creamer.
24. I think this describes a relationship quite lovingly: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/01/19/090119fa_fact_cook
25. I’ll always believe I’ll be famous for something

Praise for Foodyi

” I’ve been reading your blog compulsively. I can’t stop, don’t know why. And I hate blogs.” -Morgan Tanner

“Amy, you’re eating all of my New York. Stop it.”

2 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 smelly

    holy crap. your site just got crazy pretty. like it was white washed by angels. and look at all the wonderful praise.

    I will write you some praise and you can choose which one you want to use : )

  2. Love your blog. Like the Arnold says, I’ll be back.

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