Office Supplies


I’ve reached a point where the ho-hum days become a part of my work week. Up til this point, I’ve had a relatively exciting week after week. Or at least there were enough new things to learn and jokes to go around to keep me entertained for most of the time. Now, I’ve reached what seems to be The Grind. Go to work. Read prep list. Make polenta. Again. Cut scallions. Again. Talk about drinking after work. Again. Drink after work. Again. Wake up hung over. Again.

Thinking of all the kitchen tools we cooks get excited about, I got to thinking what  tools other trades go gah gah over. Do plumbers get excited about new monkey wrenches? I know my mom LOVES her pink scrubs. I brought in a ceramic vegetable peeler I had purchased on sale a few days before, and we definitely talked about it for a decent 5 minutes. Now donned the space peeler, I can’t deny that I was pretty excited to test it out on a big, fat tuber when I got to work. (update: the space peeler with a lifetime guarantee definitely broke and more or less “pets” the skin with its dull blade, rather than peeling it off the vegetable).

I guess it’s the equivalent to new office supplies. That new box of pens really kicks off the week, no? Everyone gets excited about new office supplies. Mostly because you don’t have to pay for it, and you could scan through the company’s supplier’s website and pretty much buy anything you “need” in any ridiculous color you want, just because you can. But they’re a cheap, simple solution to break up the routine and offer a bit of change. Even if the conversation drifts into pointless discussions on ceramic swivel heads and if they are, in fact, the answer to consistently perfectly peeled vegetables. Sometimes, that’s all you need to get through the day…

6 Responses to “Office Supplies”

  1. 1 smelly

    If I read this next to the edge of a cliff, I’m afraid of what might happen…

  2. 2 foodyi

    I don’t get it.. you’d kill yourself?! 😦

  3. 3 foodyi

    I know..per se and dinner party is coming… dont kill yourself.

  4. 4 smelly

    the post did have the ring of suicide, I thought….

  5. 5 foodyi

    Ok I guess where you get that suicide POV.. but no, I was being sincere about enjoying the new little gadgets. Maybe that is sad.. haha.

  6. 6 smelly

    so tell us more about your new place and new adventures. It’s been over a month : )

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