Nothing, really.


So that whole waking up and your muscles are completely sore and feeling like blood has circulated in a full rotation throughout your body for the first time feeling? Ya, that still happens every morning. Except, now my hands looks like I’ve been dipping them in a bag of knives every day and my knees sound like jiffy pop.

That, and breakfast is at 12 pm, lunch is at 5 pm, and dinner is at 12 am. Always. Fucked, right?

6 Responses to “Nothing, really.”

  1. 1 smelly


  2. 2 smelly

    tomorrow will be a month my darling Amy. A month of Amy updates must be ready to spill forth from your fingertips. please!!! : )

  3. 3 Foodyi

    My dearest, dearest devout reader. I feel so terrible that I let you down, EVERY month. I have so many updates, but what seems like a dwindling amount of time to write them down. I promise, I’m going to be better with this. I’ll have something to say next week..cus I’M GOING TO PER SE!! ahhhhhhh… deets to follow 🙂

  4. 4 smelly

    amazing. have a wonderful time. take pictures. and get your food orgasm on. looking forward to the spectacle…

  5. 5 smelly

    okay, now you have to share!!! PLEASE!!! : )

  6. 6 smelly

    why do you torture me so….

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