Sunday Supper, Take 2



Duo of Carrot Brown Butter Dumplings in Tom Yum Soup



Tom Yum Broth

Bring to a boil 4 cups of chicken stock, preferably home-made + 2 stalks of lemon grass pound and cut into 1-2 inch stems + 2 tbsp of coarsely chopped galangal root + 8 lime leaves + 3 cilantro stem roots + 1/4 cup of fish sauce

Bring back to a simmer and add  4 Thai bird chilies coarsely chopped + juice of 1 lime  + 1 tbsp of palm sugar+ nam prik pao (thai chili paste) to taste ( about 1 tbsp)

Let it simmer for at least 45 minutes/until you can taste the flavors developing. If too salty, add more palm sugar. If not acidic enough, try adding equal parts lemon juice to your lime juice to add a more subtle acidic kick in addition to a little sweetness. If not enough, add more lime juice. Strain through a fine chinoise.

Flavors should be equal parts sweet, salty, sour, and delicious.

4 Responses to “Sunday Supper, Take 2”

  1. damn yo, when are you opening up your own restaurant

    but for realz those dumplings look awesome

  2. 2 smelly

    how were those received on sunday? they look great!!!

  3. 3 foodyi

    They turned out really well! The duo part was more for show (the boiled dumpling went with the soup a lot better…kind of hard to bite a whole fried dumpling in one attempt)

    Of course, GNARDS was/is/will always be the inspiration..

  4. 4 smelly

    give me tuscany or give me death!!!

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