Cook Turned Attempted Murderer


I went to a bar the other night after work to meet up with a few friends. I had a knife in my purse because I had brought one from my own kitchen to sharpen it on a stone at work. This turned out to be a very dangerous idea. After about an hour of bumping into people in the crowded bar, I realized about an inch of my knife’s point was sticking out of the corner of my purse. The knife had come out of its sheath and pierced the fabric.

I could have stabbed someone in the stomach on the crowded dance floor. I can just imagine the front page news. “Korean American Female Stabs 5 Strangers in a Local Night Club. Reasons are unknown, but friends of the mass murderer describe her as quiet and amicable. One unidentified friend tells us the accused’s sudden jerky dance moves have been known to cause quiet an disturbance among friends, but never have they caused this much hurt. All victims are expected to survive.”


3 Responses to “Cook Turned Attempted Murderer”

  1. 1 rachel

    you can’t be a mass murderer if your victims survive.

  2. 2 smelly

    that’s not how I would describe you.

  3. 3 alyjoy

    That is hilarious. Dude it reminds me of something I read on TMZ… were you in Atlanta? Don’t F with Yi.

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