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It’s happening. Work is starting to penetrate every facet of my life. For example, I had a dream the other night I went to a Chinese restaurant with a couple of friends for dinner. There was a pre-fixed menu and for our 3rd course, the waiter swooped in from behind and presented me with my […]

I went to a bar the other night after work to meet up with a few friends. I had a knife in my purse because I had brought one from my own kitchen to sharpen it on a stone at work. This turned out to be a very dangerous idea. After about an hour of […]

Father, I have a confession to make. Today I killed 10 lobsters. 10 lobsters that were barely alive, scrambling to get out of the wet cardboard box They were trapped in for the past few hours. They were helplessly shuffling across each others backs with their claws closed shut with rubber bands.  I couldn’t do […]

Day 2


Out of the 2 days I’ve worked at The Restaurant, I’ve gone out after work both nights and came home around 4 AM. This is especially worrisome because I’m still mentally running on a 9-5 schedule, making me wake up at 7 AM on average. That leaves me having functioned for the past two days […]

Day 1


Last night was my first official night working (read: paid) at The Restaurant, which is what we’ll call it from now on. I walked in the kitchen during the end of brunch service as the morning shift was busy plating the final brunch dishes for that day. As I started to grin like a giddy […]