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2 Weeks Notice


I don’t really know how to introduce the sudden decision I decided to make, except by saying it wasn’t as sudden and spontaneous as it sounds. We can start with the fact that I’ve been writing about food for the past two years on a blog with a name that makes Beyonce seem like Destiny’s illegitimate child. […]

Instead of genetically modifying food to make them less perishable or bigger in size, how about being considerate of us single people who have to endure eating the same meal for every day of the week? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to buy a broccoli crown that sprouted 4-5 different kinds of vegetables? […]

Ok…let’s see. Leftover mashed yams, half a jar of mayonnaise, something green in the corner that’s not lettuce, some soy sauce, eggs…Heineken. Heineken? Ok, fine. Frozen peas, frozen scallops that I salvaged from Rebecca’s spring cleaning, annnnd ice. As enticing as it sounds to drink beer for dinner, I have to have something in the pantry […]