What’s in a Gluten-Free Shopper’s Grocery Bag?


Thanks for your feedback. I will be out of the office from Tuesday, April 28 until Monday, May 4. If you need some blog stimulation in the meantime, please read what Lia, a gluten-free foodyi, has to eat in her grocery bag. I will respond to your interest when I return.




This trip [to Whole Foods] was very motivated by cravings. I am also proud of myself for keeping my bill under $30, almost unknown at a whole paycheck/whole foods. And that $30 will provide me with 2 meals with about 2-3 servings each, which means about 5 meals total. I can’t stand wasting a shred of food, so I stretch out every bit until it’s gone, and (mostly, somewhat) fresh.

Clockwise from the quinoa pasta:

Quinoa Pasta: I had this at my friend tif’s house a few nights ago and it blew my mind with how wheat-like it was (i am gluten-free). And it’s also super cheap! It’s light and stringy, just like i like my linguine. I guess its pretty hard to fuck up linguine. I want to make it with a pesto-walnut sauce, but not this time around. These will go with kale, garlic, onion, and…

2  Yellow Tomatoes! …for the pasta dish. I couldn’t resist. Theyre just so pretty! I love tomatoes in everything so i had to buy them for this dish. normally I wouldn’t include them with the kale, but just a little for color will be nice. 

1 Hothouse Cucumber: for my sandwich tonight/next three days. It was fresh, firm, like a cucumber should be. This was a craving of mine today– it was included in my simple yet satisfying sandwich that i made, which I will elaborate more on in a bit.

Firm tofu: tofu is great. Tofu is a staple of mine, because it can do it all. Sometimes it can vaguely (with a lot of imagination) taste cheese like (okay, this is a stretch maybe), and it’s just SO good on a sandwich. plus, unlike extra firm, it’s light in the tummy. Extra firm is too heavy for me. This is perfect. Great for steaming and crumbling and puree-ing. 

Unsweetened Soymilk: For my cereal. boring. staple. 

Texas Yellow Onion: Another staple. gotta always have onion and garlic in the house. This is for the kale pasta dish.

Pitted Kalamata and Green Olives with Peppers from the Olive Bar: these were central to my craving today. I love these pitted marinated olives, the kalamata ones (or i think they might be of the provencal variety), which are nice and salty and taste oh so good with a bit of roasted cashews as a snack. I like olives because theyre hearty too. only need a little bit. this was a more splurge-y item, a novelty item, but at $3.90 for the satisfaction that will keep on coming for at least 3 more times, I was fine with it.

Kale: KALE! my favorite veg. Well, tomatoes are my favorite, but these maybe are in the top 5. kale is so so good for you– beta carotene, vitamin C, cancer fighting!! This veggie does it all! eat eat eat eat

Garlic: I hate how Whole Foods sells garlic by the bitsy this way, but a head from Ralphs will usually sprout before i can finish it. It was either this or the elephant garlic which was truly elephantine. Like the size of the onion, almost.

Gluten-Free Loaf: yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm gluten free bread! What I miss most about not eating gluten is fresh bread. I love bread. Whole Foods has a gluten free bakery (but not at every Whole Foods i dont think) and charge an arm and a leg for it, but what the hell, it’s such a rarity. Once in a while I gotta let myself live. This is made with tapioca flour, chickpea flour, brown rice flour and some walnuts in it. It was so good with my sandwich tonight: sliced tofu, avo, cucumber, tomato, marinated olives, and a little olive oil/balsamic/S+P. I like to keep it simple.

Dates (not pictured): Nature’s candy. I ate them for dessert with some cashews. 

I’d say all in all it was a pretty satisfying trip. Whole Foods takes a lot of will and determination to navigate through on a dime, but if you’re willing to not read every anecdote next to peruvian mountain goat cheese for $18.99/lb. I think you’ll make out alright.


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