What’s in My Grocery Bag?


Apparently there is this new trend of Youtube videos where high school-esque girls will post videos titled “What’s in My Purse.” These are really awkward to watch. Most of the time, their “purses” are carrying Texas Instrument calculators and gym clothes, which if I remember correctly, go into a BACKPACK. And I feel as though I am one of the few non-sex offenders watching these videos of girls giggling about how silly it is that Hello Kitty made her way onto their chapstick packaging design.

So here is my rendition of “What’s in My Purse.” While it’s not as sex offender friendly, this particular grocery trip was just as equally disturbing and odd.It’s never a good idea to walk to a grocery store starving because you’re mind goes haywire and you end up leaving with the entire store or with a bag of items that looks stolen from a pothead’s hands. I went in with a mission. A mission to come out with a bag of sticky white rice and frozen peas so I could make some sort of fried rice with the lone egg I had in my fridge. This is what happens when you go shopping under the influence of hunger.

You end up with some weird shit you never thought you’d buy. Hot dogs?? Animal crackers circa 1984?? Let me go back, to the left, and clockwise.


1. Long-grain White Rice: I’ve been finding it really difficult to find short-grain, sticky, sushi, white rice in any grocery store besides Whole Foods. I don’t know what it is because stores will sell tex-mex rice, saffron rice, wild rice, arborio rice, but not short grain white rice. Seriously? There are about 4 billion of us on this earth…

2. Barnum’s Animal Crackers: I wanted something sweet, but I didn’t want a huge box of cookies sitting in my pantry either. It was an easy solution, complete with childhood memories and easy lid to open as I perused the rest of the lanes.

3. Can of Goya Black Beans: I don’t know what I was going to do with these, but a can of beans is always a nice addition to the pantry. Maybe some black beans & rice?

4. Frozen Peas: another kitchen staple that can come in handy during those late night dinners you come home to so often after a hard day’s work. Poor you.

5. Whole-Wheat Saltine Crackers: I swear, if I didn’t eat so much salt, I’d probably lose five pounds in the amount of water my body retains. At $1.75 a box, these are the cheapest and tastiest way (especially with peanut butter & jelly) to satisfy my salty tooth. I’m pretty sure I can win the saltine cracker challenge. 

6.  Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese: When you’re starving late at night and walking by the pasta section, my best way to save face when purchasing “the blue box”  is to go organic. [More to come on how this was the best investment I made that night]

7. Two Bananas: I felt guilty for buying all these snacks so I circled back around to the vegetable/fruit aisle and picked up these two bananas. You can imagine the kind of anxiety and stress I undergo everytime I’m at a grocery store.

8. Hebrew National’s Reduced-Fat Beef Franks: I don’t even have an answer to these. I only picked these up because I recently had a conversation with a friend about how I used to eat them stir fried with peppers and onions over rice as a kid, instead of a hot dog bun. That sounded good at the moment. But now they’re just sitting in my fridge only to stand in place as an edible piece of nostalgia.

Grand Total: $15.32

I’m not usually this nostalgic when it comes to grocery shopping. It might be my upcoming trip to LA that is muddling my focus, which I’m terribly excited for (BBQ and sun, here I come!). It’s also the reason you don’t see any fresh produce/perishable items.

While my contents may be more alluring to someone organizing a can food drive, I think they’re just as telling and intriguing as an expired inhalor or spare keys to mom’s Ford Explorer. So there.

Up next: What’s in YOUR Grocery Bag Los Angeles?


7 Responses to “What’s in My Grocery Bag?”

  1. 1 sean

    hm these things all sort of make my mouth dry and starchy

  2. 2 foodyi

    How fast you saw this post goes up scares me… Yes, I’ve been known to survive purely on starch.

  3. 3 Jessica

    EPIC WIN!!!!

    you know what’s coming next …. a “what’s in my grocery bag” video – duh.

  4. 4 sam

    hi amy found your blog via facebook. i like the title.

    while back in LA you should try bazaar, church and state, or rivera. all three are really good new restaurants that probably weren’t around last time you were back.

  5. 5 foodyi

    Hey Sam! Long time! Thanks for those suggestions-all new and never heard of them which is a great. You should come to Carlo’s bbq this Saturday if you’re around!

  6. 6 jpeg

    i suggest pairing the Barnum’s Animal Crackers with the ‘where the wild things are’ trailer. talk about nostalgia…

  7. 7 Heather

    umm…saltine cracker challenge? i’m the QUEEN of that challenge. but i’m up for a rematch ames. next time i see you, it’s on.

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