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Apparently there is this new trend of Youtube videos where high school-esque girls will post videos titled “What’s in My Purse.” These are really awkward to watch. Most of the time, their “purses” are carrying Texas Instrument calculators and gym clothes, which if I remember correctly, go into a BACKPACK. And I feel as though […]

If you want to read a good article on what it means to actually be a chef in a retaurant kitchen, read Gabrielle Hamilton’s, owner and chef of Prune Restaurant, article from Food and Wine.   “Sometimes when I look through the food magazines, watch the cooking shows and read the current crop of books […]

Musings on working in the back of house seem to be less rampant on the web. Probably because most of the shit-talking has to do with your actual co-workers than with the irreverent idiots that come into your restaurant. That, and I don’t think people find it funny when you serve a dish that you […]

I wish I could say these Korean Deviled Eggs were a subconscious effort to marry my two identities: an epicurean metaphor to unionize my Korean cultural identity and Westernized shell. But in all honesty, the thought didn’t even cross my mind until I wrote this post. And truth be told, I just had some left over kimchi stinking […]

I really hate writing bad reviews. So this won’t be all that bad. I’ll skirt around the idea of the food having been overly salty and get straight to the point.