A Welcome Home



It’s really nice to come back home for the holidays to a large industrial-size espresso machine in your mother’s garage.

My mother’s boyfriend has plans to start a coffee shop somewhere. He’s in the middle of recipe testing his lattes and figuring out what blends taste the best. I’ve been happily volunteering my taste buds for the past few days.  My mom has also been making pancakes every morning because she’s really excited to have discovered milk and eggs make for a better Bisquick batter than tap water (I really don’t know where my food fetish comes from). It’s been a really good couple of mornings.


According to boyfriend, you want to apply roughly 45 lbs of pressure when you use the tamper to compact the coffee down. Use your wrist to twist the tamper down. Polish it off with a final twist of the tamper, then tap against the table to get rid of excess grind around the edges.


He’s showing me the acceptable layer of crema (the foam that rises above the liquid during extraction)  per shot of espresso.


Boyfriend is trying to teach me how to make latte art. He’s been practicing for months, I hear.


While boyfriend’s heart may be adorable (note the trail of dots that makes it extra cute), it doesn’t speak to me. It doesn’t say, “AMY, I am  so deep with delicious and aromatic emotions, you MUST HOLD ME!”


Unlike my own heart that is so passionate and filled with uncontrollable volatile loving fury it imploded into itself.


I’m really excited to check out Uptown Espresso when I go to Seattle to visit the rest of the Yi clan in a few days.


“Home of the Velvet Foam”


2 Responses to “A Welcome Home”

  1. 1 smelly

    your heart makes me sad. and hungry.

  2. 2 smelly

    I want gnards!! I want gnards!!!

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