More Momofuku Bakery…


The Pork & Egg Bun

Poached egg dipped in corn meal (?) then deep fried, served in a bun with pork belly, cucumbers, hoisin sauce, scallions


Kale bread served with miso butter


As weird as that sounds, the miso butter is REALLY good. David Chang also serves it with another dish of his, corn with bacon and miso butter .

My favorite was the Momofuku “Egg Mcmuffin” with their homemade english muffin. No picture- we ate it too fast.  

I wonder why there’s no bacon butter…is that just too obvious?


7 Responses to “More Momofuku Bakery…”

  1. 1 lia

    hi amy! i’m still reading your food blog because i love food….. and damn does that thing at the top look fucking awesome. if i’m ever in new york, can we cook dinner???

  2. 2 lia

    oh and ps. have you ever been to shopsin’s? the place with the macaroni and cheese pancake?

  3. 3 smelly

    holy crap — how expensive are these things?

  4. 4 foodyi

    Definitely not as cheap as going to McDonalds… the pork and egg bun is $9 and the egg mcmuffin was $6 I think? The kale bread is about $4. I have to go again to try the salted pistachio yogurt. MMM

  5. nice, i’ve heard of momofuku bakery even out here in LA. nice review.

  6. 6 smelly

    where is momofuku in los angeles?

  7. 7 foodyi

    Nowhere to be found my friend…only in NY.

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