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A Welcome Home


It’s really nice to come back home for the holidays to a large industrial-size espresso machine in your mother’s garage.

As I write this, it’s 3:58 AM and I’m sitting in Newark Airport waiting to check in for my 6 AM flight to LA. I took the share shuttle here. This might be the untapped resource for meeting single people. Unless you take the 2:30 AM van. Because you know that anyone who chooses to […]

While most people get paid to blog, I had to pay $4 for the 120 minutes it took to blog this post.   Unnecessarily tight tube socks that leave itchy red indentations around your ankle,  emergency underwear large enough for  your future geriatric bottom,  and anything that can be easily packaged into a foh fo one dolla […]

The Pork & Egg Bun Poached egg dipped in corn meal (?) then deep fried, served in a bun with pork belly, cucumbers, hoisin sauce, scallions Kale bread served with miso butter   As weird as that sounds, the miso butter is REALLY good. David Chang also serves it with another dish of his, corn with bacon and miso […]

Sometimes my internet doesn’t work. And it’s especially annoying when I take the time to brew a cup of tea and place it next to the oatmeal cookie I purchased from the awful bakery downstairs and the literary stars align enough for me to be motivated to write something. As I stare blankely at the off-white bars on […]