Good day.


A public apology to Mr. Brogden, English teacher extraordinaire at Hoover High School, for never paying attention because I was too busy trying to sneak Flamin Hot Cheetos into my mouth while you emphatically read us Romeo & Juliet in your weirdly British but not quite British accent.

Let it be known, New York City has been overrun by 100 calorie snacks and baked potato chips. 

Every bodega, liquor store, and the few gas stations I’ve attended, I could never find them. Then I found them a block away from me.  I realize this isn’t of concern to anyone but myself, but just wanted you to reminisce with me when all you needed in life, or at least to get you through high school, was a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos and a bottle of Coke. 


And the best part?

The Flamin hot fingers.



One Response to “Good day.”

  1. 1 Zahra

    Best find in the city…I applaud you Amy!!! Now where to find a bag in midtown is your next task….

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