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It’s probably the least funniest thing. When an object is phallic or is likened to something completely absurd/inappropriate/provoking in a disturbing way, it usually invokes several giggles around the table. No dish will make you laugh, maybe cry, smile, or vomit, but not laugh.  I mean really, I think the Jack-o-latern wins at being the funniest food. And we all know how not funny […]

As the weather gets colder, I can’t help but roast everything in sight. Roasting vegetables is so incredibly easy and the best way to bring out its maximum flavor potential. If you have $2 to spend on what feels like a endless supply of cauliflower and a working oven, I suggest you do this immediately. Roasted Cauliflower […]

After the chaos that insued in my kitchen the last supper club gathering, I decided to take, what I thought to be, a simpler route. I perused my blog roll for recipes and finally settled on one found on a fellow blogger’s site, Orangette. It’s actually Mario Batalli’s recipe, and comes from The Babbo Cookbook. I’ve yet […]

David Chang did it again. Here’s an FU to all those that doubted him, suggested his celebrity status was premature and unwarranted, and that his 15 seconds of fame were just about done. 

The best part about being in a supper club is the opportunity to learn about different cuisines. Our second supper club was themed Italian, so Scotty and I, the committed fatties we are, took a trip to Arthur Ave. and ate the Bronx.

Clam Bake


Not really…but a rather large collection of empty clam shells I saw while walking alongside Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.



i bet whoever invented Gushers was eating peas at the moment of fruit snack brilliance. Pop!