A Weekend My Thighs Will Never Forget: CookShop


In preparation for last Sunday’s dinner party, I chose to expand the girth of my stomach by eating New York. 

Dedicated to my dear friend and fellow BLOGGER…Heather. 😉

The weekend started with a dinner at CookShop. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant run by the same owners of Five Points and Hundred Acres. Like most green market-centric restaurants, menu listings give credit to the farm/source of the main ingredient. Cookshop is one of the many restaurants that have been responding to the recent trend towards casual elegance. Gone are the days where being a five-star restaurant meant a stuffy waitstaff and century-old patrons.


[Hampshire pork chop, green chili-creamed corn w/ a cilantro, radish and scallion salad

Like any other industry, the restaurant industry is seeing the effects of the shift of power between generations. We now have access to a plethora of talented chefs that can “dish out” just as perfectly executed dishes as those classicaly trained oldies we’ve been importing from France can. Once upon a time, the authority of a restaurant was dependent on its ability to outsmart their patrons and be snootier than thou ( I’ve always hated the ol’ adage “the customers are always right” in restaurants. If I’m paying you $200 for a meal, YOU better know more than I do).


[Whole fish with grapefruit salad and roasted beets]

 But I think this new wave of young chefs, like the rest of us generation-Yers, is more familiar with the informal, ultra-casual culture of the modern day. And yes, they still appreciate the traditional roots of culinary excellence. But it doesn’t have to be flambéed and voilà-ed on a gold-encrusted platter.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of my favorite part of the meal. The homemade beet and goat cheese stuffed ravioli with a poppy seed-butter sauce was unlike any beet ravioli I’ve had. The poppy seeds laid over the ravioli like a whimsical blanket of tiny black polka dots. It was also sweeter than usual, which I liked. Maybe that’s the organic, farm-to-table difference 😉


3 Responses to “A Weekend My Thighs Will Never Forget: CookShop”

  1. 1 smelly

    that beet pasta is one of our favorite things. I make mine with mascarpone — but the poppy seed brown butter and beet go so yummy together. I even have some ready made and in the freezer as we speak. I got the pasta nice and thin so you can see the deep purple center of beet just beneath the ravioli shell. Mmmmmm…..

  2. 2 Heather

    HOLY CRAP. you dedicated an entry to me?? i DO read your blog. haha the dessert parfait thing looks pretty amazing. but the thing i miss most. IS. being able to say, “Ames, what should I eat?” and you tell me. and it’s amazing.

  3. 3 foodyi

    I know. You should read my blog more often. Have you progressed from steamed broccoli yet?

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