I’m Watching You…


WordPress allows you to track the search engine terms people enter to find their way to your blog. I really enjoy this application because it gives you a bit of insight into what people do on the internet. I know I’ve definitely googled/wikipedia-ed some odd things that I won’t write here. But I’m more than happy to share what other people have googled with you:

I would say 4 out of 5 searches that find their way to my blog is for the damn Kapoosh knife block.
Except one person searched for “how to knife someone”-that was kind of scary.

The saddest search term goes to “cooking alone” :(. Even sadder is that they found their way to my blog!! 😦

The most disgusting search engine term goes to “sugar free fudgsicles made with tofu.”

And if you’re reading this blog Lindsey…someone is googling your name to find their way to my blog. I wish I could tell you more, but it seems like you either have a stalker or you need to become my publicist immediately.


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