Escape From Manhattan to Upstate NY


Just joined Twitter. Sentences can’t exceed six words. Can’t speak. Must be shor-

Cazenovia: rolling greens, canopied roads, enchanted

Antique shows, sponsored by backstabbing grandchildren

18th century torture devices? Kitchen utensils.

1. Wire-cutter 2. Brush remnants 3. Happy New Year

Babies for sale. 10 for $1.

Sun overexposure consequences: discoloration, possible dismemberment.

Sign read: Pick berries for $2/pint

Should read: One mosquito bite/berry

Ever wonder how 1,000 blueberries taste?

Raspberries: fuschia, tart, sweet, nature’s gems.

Oh! The Fruits of one’s labor.

Homemade peach-blueberry pie. Not bad.


2 Responses to “Escape From Manhattan to Upstate NY”

  1. 1 Shanna


  2. 2 marisa

    supes blog ams!

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