4 things I learned in Paris



1. 6 year old Pierre is more sophisticated than I’ll ever be

Le Coupe Chou was recommended to me by a friend (and coincidently by a few other friends after the trip). Sitting at the end of an alley behind The Pantheon is a quaint little restaurant covered in ivy. We seated ourselves outside, but it’s the inside of the restaurant that is stunning. The low ceilings and dim lighting make for a cozy interior. The space is small and everyone is about an arms reach from the large stone fireplace. I can only imagine what it would be like to eat here during the winter, sitting next to the crackling fire enjoying a cassoulet ūüôā

Of course, sitting at the table across from us sat the most storybook French family. Six foot something dad with a handsome enough face and a head full of salt and pepper hair wearing his after work slacks and loafers sat with his pleasant enough wife smoking a cigarette so skinny she could barely tap the ashes off the end lest her cigarette broke in half. Next to her sat their 6 year old son ordering what every child looks forward to eating¬†for dinner,¬†escargot. Hmm…thought Sarina and I. Clearly we were out of our league.

I always thought I’d raise my child to be an early onset epicurean, but now that I think about it…if I didn’t grow up eating cup o noodles and spam, what would I have to look forward to?

Sarina was a bit hesitant at first, but I ignored her and ordered the escargot anyways. My voice may have raised a volume or two at some point. Once we figured out how to work the clamps, we both agreed it was the best escargot we’ve had in our lives. Being bossy can be a good thing. I always knew my elementary school classmates were wrong.

2. Drinking a bottle of wine makes touring the Louvre reallllly long

We had this fabulous idea of having a grand picnic in the Jardin de Tuiles before going to the Louvre. We went to the famous hyper-chic, uber-sophisticated food department store La Fauchon and shopped and ate like we had money.

 We got giddy on wine for about 10 minutes and then walking around in the Louvre quickly became the worst idea ever.

3. When you’re in line for falafel and your plane is leaving in 2 hours, you have a problem.

Sarina left on an early flight home, so I had some time to myself before my flight left for NY. I strolled around the farmer’s market and had just enough time to go to L’as Falafel, for “the best falafel in Paris.” But not really. I scraped up whatever charm and sweetness I had lying inside of me and persuaded the man taking orders to sneak me a falafel sandwich because I had flown across the world just to try it. He believed me and scurried back in 5 with my very own sandwich. And that’s how it’s done ladies & gentlemen.


4. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Even if the journey is a 2 mile walk under the blistering sun.

It took us 3 maps, 2 bottles of water, and some bickering, but we finally got to the lake in Bois de Boulogne, a park located on the western edge of Paris. Our street paninis were a bit cold, but it it tasted oh-so-much better on a boat…in¬†a lake…in Paris.


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