Now that I am part of the blog community, I’m supposed to promote myself shamelessly and request other bloggers within the blogosphere to “link me” and take me into their virtual arms.


Considering I work in marketing, I should probably be better at interacting with other bloggers for promotional sake as well as be more involved with my readers. I googled “how to make a million dollars with your blog” and here’s the advice I got.



Ask a question at the end of each post: This will probably get me more comments and help me reach a new level of interaction that isn’t between myself and one other person. But knowing my friends, I’ll probably provoke inappropriate responses that will lead the gods of Wordpress to flag my blog as unfriendly and virtually frown upon me with a sad face emoticon. 😦



Sell adspace: I already do this 8 hrs a day. It’s the last thing I plan to be pro-active about.



Make bold statements: You know those people that always think they’re right because they say everything 10 times louder than everyone else in the group and everything is punctuated in exclamation marks? They’re so opinionated and unwavering in their point of view it’s hard to imagine there even exists a counterpoint. Their arguments are backed by very specific examples you’ve never even heard of thus can’t deny them. Their sentences are often interjected with strange unfamiliar words you can’t argue against for the sake of saving face.  You know who I’m talking about right? Well, that’s not me.



Offer something new: I hardly think anything I’ve made in this blog is new and innovative. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. It’s the most redundent body of work. Not only are most of these recipes not mine, but they already exist on the web for you. I merely collect them and inject them with my meaningless  commentary for you to peruse during work. But I hope the commentary is at least interesting for you to come back for more. As for any new recipes, I don’t think anyone is interested in the medley of leftovers I put together for dinner on a Thursday night.

So in order to have foodyi become apart of this blogging phenomenon, this is my half ass request for the following blogs (don’t you dare substitute me with one of the below) to LINK ME!



(Since the following blogs are my connections to blog success, I’ll keep the snide remarks to a minimum) -proof that good photography makes anything look delicious. Although i’m sure everything she makes IS delicious. Shit. -two lovers really in love with each other and food. -where 99% of all my recipes come from –Variety’s in-house food blog  -LOVE David L. Hilarious. -eating. in LA. -the unofficial “funny food blog” of the blogosphere -She started as a blogger. Now writes a column for Bon Appetit. It could happen!! – filled with valuable reviews and opinions from “those you live to eat” -This women decided she couldn’t afford going to French Laundry so she re-creates Thomas Keller’s recipes at home. It’s really fascinating to see the work that is involved in all of these dishes. If you’re curious as to why that dish of 3 orange dots is costing you more than you’d spend on your mother, READ THIS BLOG.


And as for my engaging question, I’m going to appropriately regurgitate a question that was posed by Chuck Klosterman in Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.




” Your best friend is taking a nap on the floor of your living room. Suddenly you are faced with a bizarre existential problem: This friend si going to die unless you kick them (as hard as you can) in the rib cage. If you don’t kick them while they slumber, they will never wake up. However, you can never explain this to your friend; if you later inform them that you did this to save their life, they will also die from that. So you have to kick a sleeping friend in the ribs, and you can’t tell them why.




Since you cannot tell your friend the truth, what excuse will you fabricate to explain this (seemingly inexplicable) attack?”





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