The 32st Flavor of the Month


I spent my weekend in Los Angeles and last Saturday was a hot summer day. And we were looking for something to cool us down. Swimming worked for a little while. We even tried water guns. But it just wasn’t enough. 

It was time to pack the Camry and head east. Not towards the beach, but to the quirky ice cream parlor that is Scoops in Silverlake. A conventional looking ice cream shop in a cul-de-sac off Melrose Ave., Scoops serves unique flavors of gelatos and sorbets you’ve never dreamed possible. Unless you’ve dreamed of chocolate wasabi ice cream or gelato sprinkled with black pepper.

My friends and I, completely sunburned from head to toe, walked into the minimalist gelato shop decorated with nothing more than a larger than life chandelier made out of neon pastic spoons and some local artists photos on the walls. The white board behind the counter confirmed the place was worth frequent visits-for only $1 you could taste all of their flavors. Red, purple, orange, green. Colored spoons were being tossed left and right as we tasted what we thought up til now was impossible. Wasabi in ice cream?? Are those jalapeno specks?? It was like taking your taste buds on a magical field trip. Opening their…orifices…to a whole new world.

The most intriguing ones to me were of course the most seemingly disgusting. I had to try the Brie & Pear gelato. It actually tastes like Brie! Because the textures of both ice cream and soft cheese are somewhat similar, it wasn’t that unusual. It was mild in flavor and a bit savory so probably not as much sugar was added to the ice cream (except a bit of the pear flavoring). It has a similar richness to the sweet cream ice cream at Coldstone’s (just less sweet).

Then came chedder/jalapeno ice cream. It was a mild chedder-I doubt sharp chedder would fair well with even the most adventerous foodies. And it’s wasn’t spicy. The first bite is completely absurd and makes you re-evaluate yourself and everything you’ve eaten your entire life. And then you come back down to earth and realize it’s not that crazy. Just frozen cheese dip. It’s not good or bad. Just weird. 


Andy attempted to cool off with a cup of Jack Daniels gelato, although coupled with our overexposure to the sun could have caused for a deadly combo.

Shanna opted for the safe, yet delicious! brown bread gelato. A vanilla-like gelato topped with sweet & salty crumbly mixture of…brown breadcrumbs?

Sarina went for the coffee & Irish cream gelato. Tastes just like Baileys…


Some other flavors that were available that day: Chocolate Wasabi, Brown Bread, Peach/Sherry/Black Pepper, Strawberry/poppyseed, Jack Daniels, Vegan Vanilla with Cocoa Nibs (they have a whole vegan section), Chocolate Rasberry, Panna Cotta, Oreo Banana

Considering how rich some of the ice creams are, I’d say a kid size portion ($1.50) is more than enough to satisfy your curious taste buds.

This might be enough motivation to pull out my own ice cream maker  and create some interesting flavor combinations. Bacon ice cream anyone?

NOTE: Gelato and ice cream are the same thing [editorial correction-see Shanna’s comment!]-one’s just Italian. We asked!


5 Responses to “The 32st Flavor of the Month”

  1. 1 Shanna

    found on the net…

    For those wondering how gelato is different than ice cream, the basic differences that I have found (in all of my scientific research regarding gelato over the past few years – I mean minutes) seem to be the “overrun” (or aeration) of gelato, which is a lot less then ice cream – resulting in a more solid, richer texture (air content in gelato can be as low as 15%, air content in ice cream can go up to 50%). Another main difference is that it is not frozen as solidly as ice cream, giving it a smoother, creamier feel. The amounts of basic ingredients found in both – milk/cream, sugar, sometimes eggs – differ slightly also, with gelato having only milk (or water, depending on the flavor) or milk and a little cream, which not only means less fat (2-8% fat vs.the16-20% found in ice creams), but it means the added flavorings are the real star, not the dense, fat-laden cream (nothing against fat-laden cream, mind you) which can cover delicate and subtle flavors. Another main difference (from industrial-strength “supermarket” ice cream, not the yummy stuff that comes out of your home ice cream maker) is that gelato is usually made in small batches, and usually made with seasonal ingredients, resulting in much fresher flavors.

  2. 2 foodyi

    How did you find yourself to source Sandy’s wedding website?

  3. 3 Andy Barr

    This is neat. A shared experience as seen through the eyes of a young korean woman. She has no idea what I did after Scoops, but some mysteries are best left unsolved. Unless Shana can solve them with a website on what I did after Scoops.

  4. 4 foodyi

    Are you mocking me Andy Barr?? I hate you. But seriously, what did you do after Scoops.

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