My New Toy


Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. I’ve been busy moving in to my new apartment. Long story short, I’ve managed to do all of the following in one week.

1. Get my debit card eaten by the atm machine

2. Lose my phone

3. Lock myself out day 2 of moving in and force my roommate to take a cab from the Upper West side to let me in. She hates me.

It wasn’t all that bad. My checkbook and I went around NY buying unnecessary objects for my new apartment. One object I’m very excited about is my new knife block!
When I first saw this knife block designed by Martin Robitsch a year ago, I immediately wanted it for my kitchen. Except paying $125 for a block of bamboo sticks didn’t seem very reasonable.

And then I saw this one made by Kapoosh at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s made with “moveable fibers” so it can hold any knife big or small. Unless you recently got married or bought one of those shitty knife sets for $xx.99, I doubt you have just one set of knives. This universal knife block will accept any and all knives you own. Even the shank my friend that is not to be named decided to give me as a form of protection when I moved to New York.

For practical purposes, the Kapoosh model is a better investment (and at $30, a steal!). The fibers are removable so you can wash them (and dishwasher friendly). I suppose you can buy new bamboo sticks if the Schlaschlik one starts to get moldy, but then I don’t know what you’re paying $125 for.

You can now store all your different knives in one non-discriminatory, slit-less block.  You’re welcome.


9 Responses to “My New Toy”

  1. 1 Shanna

    it’s a switch-blade not a shank.

  2. 2 amy

    you’re right, my mistake switch blade.

  3. 3 Sarina

    hahahah, i still can’t believe that’s what he gave you

  4. 4 Richard


    Just curious, how is your Kapoosh holding up know. According to many reviews on, they love their Kapoosh. However, many people also complain about their Kapoosh falling apart. Usually about a few months to a year into use, the “freedom rods” starting to bend and break to the point which the unit is no longer usable. In other words, the Kapoosh is not a long-lasting knife block as the traditional wood knife blocks.

    • 5 foodyi

      Hi, it’s held up great. I’ve had it for over a year, nothing has broken. The thing is you can only fit like 3-4 knives, because then the block gets too crowded and then if people are jamming knives that don’t fit…then I can see the rods breaking..but at that point, it’s their fault, not the block’s. I guess you can take some rods out, but then you have a block of loose fitting rods until you fit it to capacity. Regardless, I love it and great buy.

      • 6 Richard

        Thanks. In the case, your Kapoosh fails on you. I suppose you can always make your own Martin Robitsch knife block. It looks just a like wood box filled with bamboo skewers. You can probably build yours under $20. I can see one two big advantages of the bamboo skewers knife block. First, your knives will inevitably cut the fibers and you end up eating them. It seems healthier to eat bits of bamboo skewers than bits of plastic rods. Second, it is probably much harder to bend or break these thicker bamboo skewer rods and if you do break some, you can easily replace them.

  5. 7 Gerry Flynn

    Hi Foodyi, came across this blog when I was doing a search on the original knife block. First saw the knife block over here in the UK at £50 and decide to make my own. Made it from mdf – high gloss painted – and bamboo skewers. Works a treat. Now looking to start making them with a 316 stainless steel casing/ skewers and selling them on eBay. Love the recipes btw.

  6. 8 foodyi

    Thanks Gerry. Glad you stumbled upon the blog. Won’t the steel skewers be a bit rough on the knives?

  1. 1 foodyi

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