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Tasti D-lite is OK. It’s not as bad as I made it out to be. In fact, if my 70 calorie options were reduced to 14 large carrots or a cup of Chinese newspaper pulsated into a creamy blend of chocolatey goodness, I’d happily choose the latter. I’ve even succumbed to participate in Tasti Tuesdays at work. […]

I’m on the Jared Diet. Also known as the Subway Diet. The reasons are two fold as are the reasons of many Subway goers. I’m broke because I live in New York and getting a foot long sandwich for only $5 provides me with not one, but two lunches (unless someone in the night shift […]

For a long time I argued you could get just as good food in LA as you could in New York. The only difference was how fast and how close it was to you. But other than that, the quality was still there. But I’m realizing after having been in New York for two months […]

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