Dinner in True New York Fashion


I can’t believe it’s already been a month I’ve been living in New York! If it’s not the stark cold weather that keeps you moving at warp speed, it’s the abundance of things to do in New York. I can’t say I’ve actually been bored since being here. Mostly because those few moments of boredom have been quickly resolved with a shopping spree for a new wardrobe. But last night, I finally scheduled some time to make dinner with my friend, Stephen, the apron designer.

Although he has been living in his new apartment for 4 months now, he has just acquired a set (meaning 2) of dishes and silverware. AsI started to feel sorry for him, and about to offer a dinner service of some sort, I opened his pantry only to find various gourmet foods from Dean and Deluca. While he justified their presence with a decent enough excuse (they were the generous leftovers from his dad’s purchases, who visited him over the weekend), it was enough for me to keep my mouth shut.

We were supposed to meet 8:15. After leaving work at 7 pm, a regular occurrence these days, I had to scurry to find some inexpensive sherry wine for my recipe. Sherry wine is a fortified wine, meaning additional alcohol (brandy) has been added after the fermentation process making it a dry wine. I really didn’t want to use cooking sherry wine because cooking sherry has salt added to it. This is so that it can be used for a longer period of time without the wine, once exposed to oxygen, turning into vinegar. While the flavors wouldn’t change much and it is a very practical solution, it didn’t agree with the food snob in me. However, after visiting 3 wine stores and 4 grocery stores, I could not find an affordable sherry wine. I was forced to purchase the $2.99 Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine at the corner mart after realizing it was already 8 o clock and I still had to run home for the rest of the ingredients.

Arriving at Stephen’s apt. quite flustered and sweaty, I was met with delightful plates of appetizers. Probably one of THE BEST pates I’ve ever had. (a Pate de Campagne from Dean and Deluca, obvi).

I contributed to the spread with something I picked up in between my search for sherry: butter! Specifically Vermont Cultured butter with Fleur De Sal. Only I would spend $10 on a block of butter. But it had such a rich fragrance-you can SMELL the 86% butterfat. My thighs were practically BEGGING me to buy it. With thick salt crystals churned into the butter, it gives you the perfect salty bite when slabbed on a piece of crusty warm bread.. Mm.M.M.

Moving on.

I chose to make the Basque Chicken and Chorizo Saute because it required very little prep time. The entire recipe from start to finish takes about an hour. For a recipe that requires so little time and very few ingredients, it delivers very strong flavors. The key ingredient was definitely the chorizo. As with any recipes with minimal ingredients, the better the quality, the better the results.

To accompany the dish was Stephen’s Crispity Crunchity, Ever So Slender, Potato Wedges. There are very few things better than homemade fries, if made properly. Bathe them generously in olive oil and shower them with fresh ground salt and pepper. Butter the foil so the bottoms of the wedges will become caramelized. Then let them sweat ever so slowly in the oven until the edges get brown and perfectly crisp. Let them rest for a few minutes and once the butter caramelizes……………………..

Sorry.. I had to wipe the drool. You have one side of the wedge with a smooth caramel finish and the other side of the wedge is crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. It’s the most anatomically correct potato wedge. ever.

In true New York fashion, we ate our meal on the floor, on one placemat, listening to the music from a laptop, next to an air mattress. It was the best meal I’ve ever eaten on the floor.


2 Responses to “Dinner in True New York Fashion”

  1. 1 Shanna

    Come back! I want you to cook for me!

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