Dessert has 2 S’s because you want more!


Rice To Riches

Niche restaurants are the new thing. S’mac has proven to be successful serving only mac and cheese. Chikalicious Puddin’ only serves bread pudding. And get any kind of pickle from The Pickle Guys. So is rice pudding popular enough to garner success? Apparently so.

After an amazing meal at Cafe Habana, I unnecessarily went to Rice to Riches for some dessert. I’ve never really had rice pudding, or at least a memorable one. All the ones I’ve eaten have been a goopy mess closely resembling kitten vomit. But the folks at Rice to Riches think it’s the best damn thing.ever. Set up like an ice cream parlor, they serve a variety of flavors with clever names like “Sex Drugs and Rocky Road,” “I’ll Take Eggnog for $200 Alex,” and my favorite so far “Perfectly Legal Pecan Pie.” Toppings range from toasted pound cake to chilled espresso with cocoa.

Rice To Riches 2

It’s not the most aesthetically appealing dessert. And the consistency can throw you off a bit. But try some of their innovative flavors and you’ll be saying byebye to Pinkberry.

Owner Pete Moceo and head chef Jemal Edwards use high quality and hard to find ingredients, something that makes for slightly high prices for puddin ($5 for a solo bowl of rice). Edwards invests as much time and effort as any chef would at a high end restaurant. Fruit reductions are reduced to an exact measurement and flavor profiles are constantly being tested in their high tech kitchen downstairs.

Based on his visits to gelaterias in Italy, Moceo has brought back the love for REAL dessert. Although it’s been “brought back” for about 6 years now, it’s only official since I moved to New York haha. In fact, it’s not a secret that his rice pudding is full of sugar and cream. It’s displayed openly all over the store.

Rice To Riches 3

It’s almost refreshing to feel GUILTY eating a dessert. It kind of takes the fun out of eating dessert when there’s no fat, no sugar, no carbs, no nothing. But every once in a while, when you can indulge in something sinfully delicious, it makes the experience even more precious. I’d rather have one amazing dessert dripping with calories and fat once a week than 7 half ass sugar free fudgsicles pops in my freezer.

Rice to Riches 4

I might just take my sweet brown rice and make my own yummy rice pudding. Another thing to put in my pile of recipes. Or maybe I’ll just leave that to the professionals and do what I do best. eat.

Fill ‘er up.

rice puddin helmet


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