Pasti D-Lite


Tasti DLight

I had to try the much talked about Tasti D-Lite. The place Charlotte CRAVES in an episode of Sex and The City. Apparently she lacks the taste buds to tell the difference between ice cream and paper mache.

Light and airy? Yes. Of frozen yogurt consistency? Somewhat. Tastes like Chinese newspaper that has been collecting sewage water in the dirtiest street corner of the world? Exactly.

The aftertaste was awful and left you with several dry heaving moments. One of those overly processed products where you can tell you’re definitely eating some weird shit. It’s NOT an ice cream substitute. It tastes like chalk and it’s disgusting. Don’t go there.

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  1. 1 Shanan

    I just tried The Lite Choice for the first time at their location at 95th and Broadway in the city. I have always loved soft serve, but it is too fattening to enjoy often. The Lite Choice is an amazing alternative to your typical soft serve that you might get at a place like DQ. The flavors are great and the ice cream is creamy, yet healthy. It is a low-fat soft serve. I remember their used to be a tasti d lite at that location, but I think I like this new product better. The flavors are more defined, and the texture is creamier.

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