I found it!


bag o rice 

I went to a Thai restaurant once, and they served this sticky brown rice I’ve been trying to get a hold of forever. And I finally found it! 

It only took me trip across the country to a little corner mart in Brooklyn.  With the whole brown rice craze recently, it’s been hard to let go of my standard white rice. It’s a tough transition going from white to brown, more so because the long grains of brown rice aren’t as fluffy and the short grains aren’t as sticky. You know what they say…once you go sticky, you get picky……. But this type of rice called sweet brown rice (or brown sweet rice, whichever you prefer) has both the texture of white rice AND the nutritional value of brown rice! It’s soo yummy and gooey-almost has a risotto like consistency.  It’s not as labor intense as cooking risotto, but it’s still a slow cooking rice (takes approx. 50 minutes but you don’t have to sit there and pour in the liquid little by little like you have to with risotto).

I don’t think regular grocery stores will carry them so you might have to go to Whole Foods or any other health foods store. Take your reuseable grocery bag!

And then you can go home and make fri ri like i did.

fri ri

Made with sweet brown rice, turkey bacon, string beans, carrots, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and egg.


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