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Hello from NY!

suitcase to NY

I’ve said it before and now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve moved to New York! I still can’t believe I’m here in NYC and am waiting to hop back on the plane any minute now…but it’s true: I’m a New Yorker, no longer an Angelina. While I have plans to live in the city once I secure a place, living in a friend’s guest room in Williamsburg (that’s Brooklyn for you NY neophytes) has had its advantages. Along with its up and coming COOL restaurant scene, Williamsburg is home to some of the nation’s most fashion forward (or backwards, depending on your year of birth) “hipsters.” You will never fully reach hipster status until you’ve lived in New York and been amongst (or slept with) all the tight pants wearing, checkered scarf wrapping, members only toting androgynous types of the city. It truly makes you question your identity: Should I dispose of all the fresh polo shirts I just purchased at The Gap? And then repurchase them at Goodwill? Or maybe I’ll just let the moths have at em for awhile. Either way, I’m a victim and will probably be seen with a condescending smirk in front of Bloomies any day now.

Other than hipsters, Williamsburg is boasting a restaurant scene comparable to those in the city. I visited one restaurant this past Saturday night for a friend’s birthday dinner. Fette Sau has all the elements to classify it as a hipster’s hangout: a virtual fireplace, butcher diagrams lining the walls, a we’re too casual for plates so eat off a parchment paper lined tray attitude, and of course, stellar bbq.

fette sau interior

meat by the pound

Owner Joe Carroll opened Fette Sau (meaning fat pig in German) in Fall of 2006 across the street from his other venue, the beer bar Spuyten Duyvil. Housed in a lot once owned by the neighboring auto-body repair shop, it gives off an rugged vibe with a serious attitude towards meat. There are no reservations so you must stand in line like everyone else. Ironically enough, with all the hype and praise the place has garnered, the place has become a version of the cattle pen its food once came from.

Carroll isn’t a man interested in sauce, so you won’t find the kind of bbq that leaves your face looking like the face in the nasty Carl’s Jr. chili burger ad (ew). He’s a man all about the rub. Choices of meat vary every day, but you can count on the pulled pork and brisket to be some of the top sellers. The brisket would have to be my favorite: marbled with fat, eating the brisket was definitely a melt in your mouth kind of experience.

happy customers

They’re also known for their beans. Cooked with burnt ends and pork belly, it slow cooks for about 2 1/2 weeks, allowing for all the fat to be released. Prices can get steep as it’s priced by the pound. But the below tray that fed 3 hungry (and cold!) 20 somethings cost about $36.

tray o meat

If only, high school cafeterias thought of this sooner…

tray o scraps

Also known for their gallon beers served in jugs and poured in jars.

jug o beer

Or mouth, whichever is easier.

Collin Wood- 212-555-7722

Check out the sweet beer tap handles…

these tap handles put your handles to shame!

So while I realize, most of my readers are in Los Angeles, I hope these posts will either draw you to New York at one point in your life, or at least to visit me! Coming up, grocery shopping in New York. It’s an experience. Let. me. tell. you.


2 Responses to “Fette Sau”

  1. 1 Collin Wood

    Greatest hipster bbq ever!

  2. You really have a great blog here. It inspires me to continue to work on mine. I honestly and appreciate all the hard work you have put into it and you can expect me to add this RSS feed to my feed browser. Keep up the good work!

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