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Niche restaurants are the new thing. S’mac has proven to be successful serving only mac and cheese. Chikalicious Puddin’ only serves bread pudding. And get any kind of pickle from The Pickle Guys. So is rice pudding popular enough to garner success? Apparently so.

Pasti D-Lite


I had to try the much talked about Tasti D-Lite. The place Charlotte CRAVES in an episode of Sex and The City. Apparently she lacks the taste buds to tell the difference between ice cream and paper mache.

  And so it has begun….


I’ve imported my old posts from the original foodyi blogger site (be kind) if you’re interested in reading up some old posts. Hopefully, that will keep some of you from yelling at me to update for a little bit.

I found it!


  I went to a Thai restaurant once, and they served this sticky brown rice I’ve been trying to get a hold of forever. And I finally found it! 

Here in New York, we’ve been hit with a triple threat:  the cold, the rain, and those hideous boots that look like your dragging pomeranian puppies on the ends of your legs.  

Fette Sau


Hello from NY!