Table 8, Govind Armstrong-10


After my sub-par experience at Grace, I wasn’t expecting much. Maybe a nice salad? A yummy truffle to end the meal? But to my surprise, Table 8 delivered much, much more.

My night started with one of Table 8’s signature cocktails…I can’t remember the name but it was infused with basil and ginger. I kind of felt like I was drinking pasta. Like some sort of alcoholic power smoothie. It was interesting to say the least…hearty. I’ll consider that one my first course.

After getting my drink, I peeked into the kitchen and who do I see? The beautiful long dreads of Govind Armstrong. He’s known by few for his good looks and charm, but they should also know that his kitchen chops are just as handsome. Along with running Table 8 Los Angeles and Table 8 South Beach, he’s also a media regular appearing in shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef.

For my “second course,” I chose the Warm Boucheron (French Goat Cheese) with Roasted Balsamic Onion Soubise, Flageolet beans, Arugula, and Herb Salad. Think cheese fried until it gets caramely crispy edges on top of a peppery herb salad. All you goat cheese haters need to check yo’self.

My main course was The New Zealand Salmon with Golden Beet Risotto, Red Wine Gastrique and Horseradish Gremolata.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Lindsey and Andy both chose the Grilled Prime Beef Shortrib with Potato Gratin, Crispy Bacon, and Creamed Swiss Chard.

Grilled Prime Beef Shortrib

Matt of course chose the Duck Confit.

Duck Confit

Table 8 is very sexy. It has a dark and moody interior and is filled with dimly lit candles. It’s as if Govind asked you out on a date and invited you into his bachelor pad. You’re seated in one of his brass studded leather chairs listening to smooth jazz. He carefully slides the first course in front of you from your right and whips his beautiful dreads to the left. You take an appropriately sized bite of the perfecly seared steak and sneak in a few gulps of wine. He smiles. You fall in love. With the food, that is.

It’s the combination of ambiance and food that makes Table 8 a great restaurant. It manages to be romantic for two and cool enough for you and the boys.

What I loved most about Table 8 was how much effort they put in to DineLA Restaurant Week. From the wait staff to the food, it felt like the whole restaurant was catering to your arrival. Unlike some restaurants that will go unmentioned, they TRIED to impress us. They knew they were good, but they wanted you to know HOW good. Table 8 definitely earns an A for effort in my book. And if Govind would like to accept his gold star, I can make sure he gets it. personally.




One Response to “Table 8, Govind Armstrong-10”

  1. 1 MM

    that duck confit looks incredible as does the shortrib… not so impressed with… ehm… the…salmon. 🙂

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