Salted Praline Langues de Chat (Cat’s Tongues)


Langues de Chat


Tacouture is blowin up-we’re going bicoastal! My 9-5 will be taking me to New York come March. Hopefully my shoebox apt will come with a sizable kitchen.

After making the Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffles with Fleur de Sal, I looked for more recipes that played on the salt and caramel combination. I found the recipe for Salted Praline Langues de Chat in Gourmet’s December issue. A light buttery cookie topped with crumbled almond praline and a little bit of salt. It’s the perfect replacement for that dried piece of wood called biscotti. Ok harsh. Biscotti can be good…sometimes.

I had to make the different components for this recipe a couple of times. Probably because I was running back and forth from kitchen to living room watching the superbowl game.

Now I’ll be directing my post to the imaginary reader who plans to actually make this recipe…

When making the almond praline, make sure you spread it very thin or you’ll get something too thick to cut and nearly impossible to break unless you use a particular pot that bangs particularly loudly and gets complaints from a particular neighbor.

When baking the cookies, make sure you keep an eye on them because the time that lapses between not done and BURNED is very short.

Exhibit A:burnt tongue

These cookies were quite a delight and definitely something different. They’re a bit time consuming because you have to bake them in two sessions and make the praline topping along with the cookie dough, but the end result is quite delicious. I wouldn’t recommend it to a first time baker but if you’re looking for something unique, I’d definitely suggest this recipe.


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