Last week, I went to the first of 3 restaurants I will be attending for DineLA Restaurant Week. A contemporary American dining room focused on simple yet refined food, Grace met my expectations (and tummy) with satisfying fulfillment.

I had the opportunity to meet chef and owner Neal Fraser at a Gourmet event a couple of months ago. At that point I had only eaten at his restaurant (BLD) once but for some reason I got as nervous as a little girl with a crush. Some girls have a thing for grungy rockstars or the hot but dead inside actor, but personally… I have a thing for chefs. Not that Neal Fraser is a hottie or anything. But I love a guy that can cook. MmmMM (note to self: must marry chef).

Our pre-fixed dinner started off with the choice of Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup or a Shimp Cavatelli (type of pasta) with peas and Chantrelle mushrooms.
Shrimp Cavatelli, Peas, Chantrelle Mushrooms

The best part of the dish was the shrimp. Nothing is worse than overcooked shrimp. These little shrimpies were perfection.

Second Course was a choice between Grilled Filet of Beef with Farro, Morcilla (Spanish blood sausage), Red Wine Sauce and King Salmon, Quinoa, Artichokes, and Lobster Nabe. I’m not really a big fan of cheese on top of my steak but what are you going to do… The 2 best things about my Filet of Beef were 1. The Morcilla and 2. my new found preference for steaks cooked medium rare. Morcilla is a Spanish sausage made of pig’s blood and rice-really soft and extra fatty.

Grilled Filet of beef with Faro, Morcilla, Red Wine Sauce

King Salmon, Quinoa, Artichokes, and Lobster Nabe

And the best part of the meal (and what Grace is “known” for) were the donuts, not so much the lukewarm chocolate drink. We sent the first “hot” chocolate back, but seeing as the second “hot” chocolate was just as cold… perhaps we were the ones mistaken. Maybe that’s how they drink it in contemporary America.

Grace Doughnuts

I’m glad I got to try Grace at the pre-fixed price. It’s the best way to get a feel for a restaurant without spending a ton of money and not really knowing anything about it. I don’t think it quite makes my recommendation list but I wouldn’t bad mouth it either [Edit 4/15/08: I DO recommend it-I still keep thinking about that Morcilla Sausage-I would go back just for that.]. I still love you Neal.

Hugs & Tacos,



3 Responses to “Grace”

  1. 1 Sarina

    The truffles were pretty delicious…

  2. I am a regular reader of your blog and would just like to say thanks! I have even been inspired to setup my own blog so please check it out. Helaine Meadow

    • 3 foodyi

      Wow, thanks Helaine! Sorry I haven’t been as good with updating…I need to get on that. You’re very welcome, hope I can read your blog soon!

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