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Hello. My name is Amy and I am a recovering gamer. Growing up with 3 brothers, I’ve played my fair share of video games-playing Super Mario over and over again, punching buttons to their death trying to do combos on Street Fighter, throwing barrels on Donkey Kong, etc . I never thought I would revisit […]

When I use to work in the W kitchen, Danny (the other pantry cook) and I would secretly toss cocoa dusted truffles on to the back of one of the runners’ shirt. He would have little circles of cocoa powder all over his back until one of us deemed it necessary to tell him. Other […]

Just eat it. Eat the whole damn thing. It’s the holiday season and you might as well. There’s no getting away from the endless cornucopia of morning pastries in your office kitchen or the care package of holiday cookies from grandma. And with January resolutions around the corner, you have some time to indulge. And […]

 Remember aprons? A protective garment used to cover the front of your body in case of any dangers in the kitchen. Dangers can range from slight oil spills to the occasional knife wars between your greasy fingers and your unassuming tippy toes. While working at the Nine Thirty restaurant, one of the things I refused […]

I completely forgot to post the pictures of my thanksgiving leftovers! Michelle and I found some cute bento-like boxes at the 99 cent store. It came with a fork and knife that attached to the lid. Except the fork was so shitty it almost broke in half when I tried to spear my broccolini. For […]

This year I invited my entire family over to my apartment and hosted Thanksgiving dinner. If you’ve ever been to my apartment, you know it’s in no shape to be hosting any kind of gathering for more than 3 people. But I figured if I’m going to be doing all the cooking that day, I […]