Oh Japan…you so crazy.



As I wait for an amazing job to whisk me away to New York, I’ve been happily cooking vicariously through food blogs. I really don’t understand how some of these people have time to bake cakes and cook elaborate meals all day. I barely have time to put a sandwich together. So you can imagine my shock when it came to reading about the art of bento boxes. We all know Japanese moms are quite competitive when it comes to their children. I once read an article in Marie Claire about a mother of a preschool girl that was not allowed into the circle of “cool moms.” She was so frustrated that she ended up killing her daughter’s playmate, whose mom was one of the cool moms. Crazy.

One way these moms compete with each another is by making school lunches for their children. At a Japanese elementary school, there is no cafeteria. Unless you are a LOSER. You are expected to bring lunch. While the children believe their mothers make these lunches for their sake, it’s really just an opportunity to show off to other mothers how much better they are. So if you plan to send your child to school with a sandwich, expect them to come home with rice balls pelted onto their forehead for the rest of their junior LIFE.

Now seriously, this is what the kid whose mom has a full time job would bring for lunch. He/she might get points for the piggy rice balls and mushroom eggs, but they lose points for their mom’s inability (and quite honestly, laziness) to bring the fried chicken back to life with an edible face and limbs.


Belle’s hair and eyes: kelp
hands: crepe style fried egg
face: sliced cheese

Quite frankly, I like my food dead, not alive. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kawaiikiki/1838392398/in/pool-bentoboxes/..and I don’t think they do either!! keeehehehehe ^__^For more bento box photos check out:


3 Responses to “Oh Japan…you so crazy.”

  1. 1 Michelle

    you’re such a hater! kids love fun food.

    i’m waiting for my chapjae bento box

  2. 2 sunnyside

    i’m in a training seminar and you just made me look like a fool for laughing. damn you yi.

    i just bookmarked this page with the title “Fun Food Facts”


  1. 1 The Real Chinatown: Flushing, Queens « foodyi

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