Hell’s Kitchen


Guess what I did yesterday!?!? Michelle and I got to be customers at Hell’s Kitchen! We submitted our pictures and a short questionnaire about ourselves. Next thing we know we’re famous.

It all started at 4 pm when we drove to the studio in Culver City. After a bit of circling around Washington Blvd., we found the cheesy ass studio set and the flame bazing sign “HELL’S KITCHEN”. We’re here!! At this point we see the crowd of “restaurant patrons” walking into the kitchen. We had to dress up like we were going to a four star restaurant. Some thought they were going to prom.Seeing how well that went, we decided we would make a stink about the entree regardless. Entree arrives: beef fillet is well done and my John Dory is RAW. No joke. We get the camera guys to come again and tape us try our entrees and say how disgusting it is. “I don’t think I ordered sashimi” “What is this BABY FOOD??” “Did they just put nasty ass teriyaki sauce on my steak?” And so on. As we waited for our dessert, we look around and there are some tables that haven’t even been served their appetizers! Apparently this is their way of taping the “angry customers” when in reality, they are “angry extras” who thought they were coming here for free dinner. At around 9 pm, Gordon gets upset and yells “SHUT THE KITCHEN DOOOWUNNN!” At this point, they stop all service. We don’t get dessert. And the table of 4 girls next to us get a bread basket and water. That must have SUCKED. And one of the girls got hit in the head with a chair. HAHAHA.All in all we are DEFINITELY going to be on the episode (episode 2, season 4). We made quite a stink and made sure the camera guys were at our table at all times. Oh and they gave us $40!

We walk into a room and write down our information and get our head shots. Unfortunately they took our phones and cameras. After an hour of sitting in some chairs with the rest of the “patrons”, we are ushered into “HELL’S KITCHEN”. The set is so ridiculously cheesy: there is vegas lighting everywhere, an HK sign made of fading red, white and blue LED lights, and plastic red and blue service plates. Michelle and I are seated at our table and there in front of us the infamous kitchen where spaggheti is eaten out of trash and Gordon Ramsey rips someone a new one every 2 minutes. Our waiter, who immediately confirms that he’s an actor, serves us our drinks and bread basket. So far so good. We get a menu and get to choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

As Michelle and I discuss how we will get the most camera time, Gordon is yelling and cussing at the top of his lungs (we find out later that he has an earpiece and the producers can tell him where to go, who to cuss at, and whats going on behind his back… interesting). We get our appetizer and it’s literally scallops, 3 indiscriminitely placed sunny side up quail eggs, pea puree, and a piece of Farmer John bacon on top. This is what it looked like.

One would only make such an unappealing dish to get complaints-something we later found out was in fact true. They do make things purposely bad or undercooked to get a reaction out of the customers. So we played along. We made such a big fuss about this dish and our other appetizer (underooked risotto) that the waiter profusely apologized and took it back to Gordon. Gordon got mad and made the blue team make us a caesar salad. Meanwhile we’re being taped acting like disgusted customers that can’t BELIEVE they would serve us such a thing.


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  1. 1 Lindsey

    you don’t tell us anything that happens to you anymore. Are you bored of us being in your life?

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