A Squid with a cataract is wack. A Squid with clear eyes stir fry



The Food: Calamari
When choosing squid for purchase, the eyes should be clear and not foggy. Just remember “A Squid with a cataract is wack. A Squid with clear eyes stir fry.” Once purchased, they should be kept airtight and refridgerated for no more than a day or two. Cooking time is short as with cooking any seafood. Cooked too long, and the meat will become rubbery.

Popular in many Asian and Mediterranean cuisines, squids can be fried, sauteed, battered and deepfried, baked, stir fried, boiled, etc. In Korea they give a new meaning to fresh seafood with the dish san ohjinguh. They’ll take a live squid out of a tank, clean and cut it as fast as they can and serve it to the customer with the tentacles still moving! Apparently when you eat it, you can feel the sunction cups of the tentacles clinging to the sides of your mouth and tongue, fighting for their last sunction! Gives a new meaning to “Will work for food.” Here is a video I found on Youtube of a Korean family eating live squid.. it’s kind of intense. Just warning you.


The Recipe: Fried Squid on top of papaya frisee salad with spicy sour dressing
If in ever need to change things up, fried squid is the perfect alternative to shrimp. Because squid is slightly firm in texture, you’ll want to pair it with a lettuce that can hold its own and not wilt under the pressure-literally. This is a great filling starter salad I found on epicurious.com. You can prep the fried squid and dressing ahead of time. The dressing is slightly sweet, like the sweet and sour sauce you get with your local Chinese Restaurant eggroll. The cashews and water chestnuts give the salad great texture. It’s definitely not your standard side salad. You can also serve the fried squid (calamari) just as an appetizer with an aioli (see recipe below).

Orange Saffron Aioli

(All recipes and images courtesy of epicurious.com)

The Restaurant: Cha Cha Cha
In the heart of West Hollywood, Cha Cha Cha serves Carribean cuisine in a fun colorful setting. The restaurant is relaxed and low key. I’m not going to particularly recommend the paella (although people love it) because I had a “bad experience”. The rice tasted like overpuffed rice you get at your elementary school cafeteria tossed with frozen peas and carrots and served on Chinese Food Tuesdays.

BUT… their happy hour menu is REALLY CHEAP (less than $5)! They have a wide variety of small bites to choose from. I recommend the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza, Guava & Goat Cheese Quesadilla, and the Calamari Frita served with Garlic Aioli. Every time I’ve had the calamari, it has been cooked perfectly-soft on the inside and light and crispy on the outside. Accompanied with garlic aioli, its the perfect thing to coat your intensives after a hard day at work. Wash it down with the house sangria and enjoy the rest of your night.

Cha Cha Cha
7953 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
Happy Hour from 5-7 pm every day
All night long Mondays!


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  1. i was starting to think i might possibly be the sole woman / man who thought about this, at the very least now i understand i’m not mad 🙂 i am going to make sure to look at a handful of other blogposts when i get some caffeine in me, it is actually tricky to read without having my coffee, I was really late last night playing zynga poker and after drinking a few brewskies i wound up losing all my zynga poker chips cheers 🙂

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