The Food: burritos

One of the many questions I always ponder is: “If I was on death row for a many number of reasons, what would be my last meal?”


I almost always come to same conclusion: a burrito. As varied the culinary world is, a burrito is by far the best invention ever. A flour tortilla filled with any savory combination only to be doused with hot sauce and consumed within minutes. Of course there are the staple fillings: MELTED cheese and guacamole (a luxury item for those who dont have the extra $1.40 to dish-myself included at times). But everyone has their favorite burrito:

The classic: All meat, no bullshit.

The Breakfast Burrito: An complete breakfast between two hands: eggs & bacon and a side of hash browns all in one.

The Everything Burrito: Chipotle does a pretty good job shoving every plausible ingredient inside a tortilla. Although I have to say I’m not a huge fan. I need my ingredients to marry together. I need them to melt within one another. I need it hot. I don’t want my first bite to fill my mouth with rice and start dry heaving.

The Wet Burrito: I want to be able to hold my burrito. Having to use a fork and knife defeats the purpose. I say NO!

The Burrito with the Cheap Shredded Chicken: I like nice cubes of grilled chicken that gives my burrito some sort of bite. The shredded chicken always seem to make my stomach hurt.

The California Burrito: “OOh ya.. the one with the fries in it!!” says Zahra. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this one either. The fries dont add anything to the burrito. They get soft and mushy by the time you get your burrito.

This has just turned into a list of burritos I dont like. But you know what, as simple as it sounds many burrito joints just don’t get it right. My perfect burrito consists of juicy just grilled meat (or fish), fresh guacamole, sour cream, rice & beans, MELTED cheese and pico de gallo all wrapped in a tortilla and ready for some tapatio action. Pretty easy. There are a handful of some of my favorite burrito joints in California and I’ll gladly share my list.

The Restaurants:Freebirds in Santa Barbara: It is here I learned the technique of first creating a quesadilla, then opening the tortilla so the cheese is evenly melted on one side, then building your burrito. It’s the closest thing to a evenly spread out burrito. I dont know why someone just doesnt toss everything in a bowl and throw it in a tortilla. It would make it so much better (sigh).

Rico’s Taco Shop in Encinitas: Any place that makes their own tortillas is a plus for me. And they have my favorite hot sauce: marina sauce with .. I wanna say Sriracha hot sauce mixed into it. Whatever it is, it’s good.

Tacomiendo in Santa Monica: Tucked away under the shade of the 405 freeway, this is my new favorite. They just got it right. AND their burritos come WITH guacamole as it should and not as extra. You HAVE to get the fish burrito. It just works here.

Howdy’s taqueria in Malibu or Culver City: The Cowboy burrito is long and thin filled with shredded beef or chicken, pinto beans, cheese, onions & cilantro, and chipotle sauce. It’s the only time you’ll see me not eat rice at a meal. Nuff said.

El Taurino in Los Angeles: The place to go for a classic burrito. Actually I don’t think you have a choice. Sit at a table next to a family of 12, pictures of old gauchos, and bull heads on the wall. It’s no bullshit all right.

Apparently the taco trucks are amazing? There’s one right next to my work. Maybe I’ll go there nxt week and see if they’re any good. I’ll keep ya posted.


2 Responses to “Burritos”

  1. 1 Shanna

    So true Ames. I miss burritos.

  2. Well put together little site here- I had been just searching Yahoo when I stumbled on it.. i didn’t actually think there might be a website about Encinitas just like this. See ya around!

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