Happy 198th Birthday Abe


If you didn’t come out to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, shame on you! We threw an amazing bash in honor of our 2nd favorite president, Honest Abe (I’m kind of preferential to Madison myself). Abe wasn’t able to attend due to his decease. Here are some pictures!

Abe Lincoln Spread

The fabulous spread included Erica’s peanut butter rice krisy balls, our burning fondue set with a sweet and salty assortment of dipping delights, overfried macaroni & cheese balls with a blackberry bbq sauce (yum), buffalo wings, and cupcakes!

As guests arrived, they were directed to our photo booth. Pictures were taken and sent back in time to Abe signed, “Wish you were here!

The future

Then, in honor of past American traditions, guests were handcuffed to the opposite sex and required to stay handcuffed until their bottle of champagne was finished! Dont worry, both car keys and plastic handcuff keys were eaten and swallowed for the safety of everyone.

Handcuff enthusiasts Shanna Gong and Carlo Parseghian.

After some hugs and good cheer….

…and waiting for Shanna to finish watching her favorite PBS show “Good Clowns Gone Bad”…

We all watched Rachel try to shove her finger up her nose! No, not really. But we did play our favorite game EVER-charades!

It was truly an amazing event and Shan, Erica, and I thank all the attendees and especially the guest of honor-Abe.


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